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How much does screed cost?

How much does underfloor heating cost?

How much does insulation and membrane cost?

Semi Dry vs Flowing Screed. Which is Best?

How do I choose the right screed system for me?

How do I get a quotation?

How safe are you installers?

Does the work come with any guarantees?

Can I let you lay the screed only, and I will do all the preparation work?

How level will my screed be?

How quickly can I walk on the screed after laying?

How quickly can I lay my floor covering on the screed? How quickly does the screed dry?

What other options/extras should I consider?

What can I expect onsite from your operatives?  What do I need to provide?

Do I need a smoothing compound on top of the screed?

How do I know I’m getting value for money?

Are you insured?

What quality systems do you have in place?

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Speed Screed | Client Testimonial

Speed Screed | Client Testimonial

Speed Screed | Why you need to ensure you use a reputable screeding company…

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Speed Screed Limited was founded on the key principle of providing first-class customer service. It has since built itself an impressive reputation for delivering high-quality projects across the United Kingdom.
The company’s success is built on its belief in quality work, attention to detail, on-time completion, strong working partnerships and the recruitment of top-level staff. about us >


910, 2017

Gelder Group Development Kettering Traditional 1:3 Fibre Screed

Speed Screed completed the first plots on the new Gelder Group development at St Michael's Road, Kettering NN15 6AU. The screed requirements on this project were that of a Traditional Semi Dry 1:3 Fibre Screed [...]

701, 2017

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