At Speed Screed We Believe In Giving More.


This doesnt just mean giving our clients more value than they might expect. To us, it means several things: recognizing how lucky we are to be doing what we do;and, giving back in powerful and impactful ways ways that really connect. Thats why were proud to be aBusiness Memberin the Global Giving Initiative called Buy1 GIVE1 (or B1G1 as it’s more widely known). 

We’re able to do some amazing things but most importantly, B1G1 lets us make giving a habit. It allows us to do that by linking our services with over 600 great projects in 30 countries. B1G1 projects span everything to giving children access to pure, clean, life saving water, to protecting Orangutan forests, to giving goats to families to give them a sustainable income, to supporting social entrepreneurs, to feeding children, to helping rescue abused women and children and just about everything in between. B1G1 lets us do all of that and more in more ways than one — every second, every day and in every way.

Its really consistent with our belief that businesses have the power to change lives.

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Speed Screed Limited was founded on the key principle of providing first-class customer service. It has since built itself an impressive reputation for delivering high-quality projects across the United Kingdom.
The company’s success is built on its belief in quality work, attention to detail, on-time completion, strong working partnerships and the recruitment of top-level staff. about us >

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