The Parliamentary Review – Gala Evening 2018

Speed Screed Limited Parliamentary Review Gala Evening 2018  Construction & Engineering - The Parliamentary Review Gala Evening 2018 Speed Screed's inclusion in this years Parliamentary Review for Construction & Engineering is certainly something that we are very proud of.  Given the opportunity to become a Best Practice Representative and feature along side Prime Minister Theresa May, and Federation of Master Builders Chief Executive Brian Berry in this [...]

October 18th, 2018|

The Parliamentary Review – Best Practice Representative

    Speed Screed Limited are proud to announce their participation in this years Parliamentary Review for Construction and Engineering 2017-18 by becoming a “Best Practice Representative” click here for the Parliamentary Review Website “We wanted to change the industry for the better by sharing best practice. The aim is to raise standards, improve the customer experience, educate, and remove bad practice. Speed Screed have always been different, and with [...]

August 23rd, 2018|

Case Studies

2704, 2018

Flow Screed Floors

Flow Screed Floors Speed Screed install a wide range of flow screed floors. Flow Screed Floors Calcium sulphate screed accounts for around 80% of the total market of flow screed floors. Speed Screed [...]

2404, 2018

Screeding Services – Gelder Group – Groby Leicester

SCREEDING SERVICES Gelder Group Limited  required screeding services on their new housing development in Groby Leicester. Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council awarded Gelder the contract to build nine, one and two bedroom bungalows.  The properties [...]

Screed Installation Safety Advice, How Safe Are Your Screed Installers?

How safe will your screed installation be with Speed Screed working on site? Since the Health and Safety at Work Act was introduced in 1974, working conditions have improved massively over that period.  However construction [...]

How Do I Choose the Right Screed for Me?

Which is the best screed? The best screed will depend on exactly what you need. How do you choose the right Screeding system? There are a number of areas that you should consider when [...]

Do I Need a Smoothing Compound on Top of the Screed?

Do I need a smoothing compound on top of the screed? Here is our Managing Director, Andy Parkin, to give you more details. Do you need a smoothing compound on top of the Screed before [...]

How Level Will My Screed Be?

We know you need a level screed, but we also know you'd like to know "how level will my screed be?". How level will my screed be? Speed Screed work to the British Standard, BS8204:2003. [...]

How Do I Know I’m Getting Value for Money?

How do you know you're getting the best value from Speed Screed? It's quite simple; we will complete your project for free if you can find another company that offers better quality and value for [...]

Semi Dry vs Flowing Screed: Which is Best?

Have you ever wondered which one is better? Semi Dry Screed vs Flowing Screed. Ask yourself: How do I choose the right screed for me? Semi Dry Screed The Semi Dry Screed is the traditional Screed. [...]