img3Dry lining is an alternate method to plaster, it requires using plasterboard to build the surfaces, ceilings and partition walls instead of wet plaster. This provides certain advantages such as no waiting times and it can also help to avoid problems with hairline cracks, which can sometimes occur.

Due to plasterboards having a core
of plaster they are able to provide good acoustic and fire insulation. Extra Fibres can be added for extra strength and durability. There are also options to use moisture resistant plasterboards which are treat with wax, this is particularly useful for use in spaces such as Kitchens and Bathrooms.

The process of Drylining is relatively quick and clean to work with, this means that there are commercial benefits to this approach. It is a versatile method which benefits from the fact that the board is quite light weight.

Although standard plasterboards provide a level of acoustic and fire insulation further provisions can be made to further these capabilities. Sound proof rooms can be achieved by using acoustic boarding paired with sound deadening insulation. Similar to this moisture resistant plasterboards can be used in areas where moisture needs to be controlled. Rooms can also be fire proofed with fire resistant boards, this will extend the period in which the fire can be contained allowing extra time for people to reach safety or react to the event.

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