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Why wait months for your screed to dry before being able to put down floor coverings?   Fast drying screeds are the answer.

A typical 75mm Traditional 1:4 screed would take around 100 days to dry!  You may have time in your programme to allow for such a wait, or perhaps you want a quicker drying screed option.

Don’t wait!

We can offer screeding solutions that will allow you to lay floor coverings (e.g. tiles, vinyl, carpets, etc.) after hours rather than days.  Whatever your programme dictates, we have a screed solution to fit.  So don’t let drying times hold up your programme, fast drying screeds save valuable time and money.  Contact us today to discuss the options.

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Another bonus with fast drying screeds is that you can ‘traffic’ them quicker without having to wait for 7 days.   You would have to wait for at least 7 days with a traditional screed before ‘trafficking’ it, as per BS8204.  How fast you can ‘traffic’ depends on which screed solution you opt for, but this can be as short as 2 hours.  This can be extremely useful if time is tight in your program.


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Gelder Group Development Kettering Traditional 1:3 Fibre Screed

Speed Screed completed the first plots on the new Gelder Group development at St Michael's Road, Kettering NN15 6AU. The screed requirements on this project were that of a Traditional Semi Dry 1:3 Fibre Screed [...]

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