Do you need noise control within your project?

Let us supply and lay a system that will meet with Part E (Sound) of the Building Regulations. If your project expects to either use Pre-completion Testing, or Robust Detail, we can supply and lay the system to your requirements. Our installers are fully trained and approved by Monarfloor Acoustics for their Tranquilt system. We even took part in the testing at Napier University when the product was undergoing testing to achieve its Robust Detail status.

A system that is not suitable will fail, and certainly a system that is not installed correctly will fail!. Once the screed is laid there may be no visible sign of inadequacy but sound testing leaves no doubt as to the adequacy of the system. Avoid a failing system by using us to supply and lay your screed system.

  • Airborne sound
  • Impact sound
  • Flanking sound

Monarfloor Tranquilt

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