Insulation is becoming the element of the build that requires more thought than ever before. Which insulation systems are available?

Just which insulation system do you need? What strength, density, acoustic and thermal performance does the build require?   Is there minimum requirement and what performance would be preferred?  Have you considered Part E and Part L of the Building Regulations?  We can design insulation systems that meet your target U Value.

Insulation systems Slip Membrane

We can assist you to make the right choices and then install the system to the standard required. Let Speed Screed install your insulation, providing the best performance and most cost-effective solution. We ensure the standard of insulation meets the necessary requirements. We leave the floor surface ready to take our screed, ensuring that maximum performance is gained from both insulation and screed.

The floor screed will only perform to it’s intended standard, if the the insulation systems are the correct specification, and installed correctly. Poor installation can result in screed failure, thermal bridge, and other issues.


  • Rigid Insulation
  • High Performance board
  • Polystyrene & XPS
  • Natural/sustainable insulation
  • Glasswool insulation
  • Rockfibre insulation
  • Multi foils
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Fire barrier systems
  • Building paper and polythene sheeting

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Insulation systems

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