Traditional screed is the most widely used screed in the UK

Traditional Screed - Fibre Screed - Sand and Cement Screed All the Traditional screed installed meets with the highest standards, whether it is factory produced or site batched.  Our suppliers’ materials meet with the requirements of BS EN13813.

Traditional screed is suitable for all conventional screed applications, including monolithic, bonded and unbounded construction.   A number of options help minimise surface cracking and increase early strength characteristics traditional screed.  Fibre screed as the name suggests is reinforced with polypropylene fibres.

Key facts about Sand and Cement Screed (traditional screed)Traditional Screed - Fibre Screed - Sand and Cement Screed

  • Ideal for most building projects domestic to commercial
  • Surface Regularity from 3mm over 2m (SR1)
  • Ideal for projects with underfloor heating
  • Perfect when falls in the screed are required

Factory supplied products include, Tarmac –TruscreedTufscreed F, Cemscreed 5, SBR Polymer.  Cemex – Readyscreed Original, Readyscreed Early Strength, Readyscreed Reinforced.  Aggregate Industries – Screed S, F Screed, ES Screed, EF Screed, SBR Screed, Rapidscreed.  Premier Mortars – Standard Screed, Premier Screed, Fibre Screed, Polymer Screed, Advance 5 Rapid Drying Screed.

All thicknesses are based on current BS 8204 Part1.
Diagrams provided by Cemex.

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