Grimsby Screeding Contractors with Cyden Homes, Lincolnshire

Grimsby screeding contractors needed for a previously prepared insulation, a small domestic project in  North East Lincolnshire.

Client Profile

Cyden Homes, a professional local home builder and realtor in Grimsby. An award-winning company who helps buyers with their government-supported Help to Buy scheme.

Grimsby Screeding Contractors

Scouts Lane, Off Humberston Avenue, Humberston, Grimsby

We have a longstanding partnership with Cyden Homes and always appreciated doing business with them.  They needed screeding contractors in Grimsby, to work with fast drying screed on a small domestic project with previously prepared insulation.


While the project is small compared some project we’ve worked in the past, critical timelines make it tough for us, which we believe the reason why Cyden homes hire us.

Grimsby Screeding Contractors


To work with the timeline is the main setbacks, so we dealt with the problem using fast drying screed. It helped us reduce the program time, allowing us to lay the floor coverings quickly.

We used Keracem Eco in this project. Keracem Eco is a certified eco-friendly, hydraulic, normal setting and rapid drying mineral binder. Often used for high-performance screeds and heat radiant slabs.

Using Keracem Eco allowed light foot traffic only after 8 hours. Because this is a fast drying screed, ceramics can be laid even after only 24 hours. Resilient and wood can be installed only after 5 days after laying the screed. Underfloor heating can also be turned after only 3 days.

We reduce the labour effort using a skip and scraper and a site batched Keracem Eco while mixing the screed with Putzmeister M760.

John Owen Aggregates delivered the sand via a tipper truck. Half of the sand was placed in vessel followed by Keracem Eco and water.

For reinforcement fibre, we use Adfil Fibrin to reduces the occurrence of plastic shrinkage crack and plastic settlement. It also enhances surface properties and the durability of hardened cement products.

What’s the catch?

New floors with less work resulting in a happy client in Grimsby for another successful screed service with Speed Screed Team.