1-4 Screed

Why 1-4 Screed?

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about 1-4 Screed.

Screed is often necessary for a project’s floor make-up, preparing the substrate to receive floor coverings.

1-4 Screed is the most commonly used screed and is often referred to as a traditional screed.

This type of screed has been common on building sites for decades. Suitable for commercial and domestic projects alike.

1-4 Screed Mix

It’s common knowledge that screed is made by mixing cement with sharp sand. This mixing is carried at out the 1-4 ratio. The ratio of mixing provides screed with a soft texture that makes it easy to use and place.

1-4 Screed can be used to form falls and ramps.  Leaving a surface that is ideal for binding floor coverings too.

Bonding Screed

Fully bonded screeds need generally to be laid on a shot-blasted or scabbled concrete base and be bonded using such products as PVA, SBR, epoxy resin or good old fashioned cement slurry.

Fully bonded screeds offer protection and security like no other. This is where 1-4 screed comes in. When mixed on-site, the mixture is always fresh and ready to be laid.

The 1-4 screed mixture is popular and is made on construction sites all around the world. The fact that it can be mixed on-site gives you a fair amount of control, as to when to start work, and finish.

The mix ratio of 1-4 is widely used as it meets with the British Standard BS8204-1:2003  to produce a plastic, easy-working, cohesive mortar of plastering consistency.

Site Mixed or Readymixed?

Whilst often mixed on-site, it can be delivered directly to the site pre-mixed in tipper trucks or even 1-tonne bags.  The 1-4 screed would have the addition of an 8-hour retarder to prevent the screed from going off.

I hope this helps with your “1-4 Screed” questions.  Do get in touch for more information.

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1-4 Screed

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