Isocrete Floor Screeds

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about Isocrete screeds.

Iscocrete floor screeds are a range of products made by Flowcrete UK.  Established in 1982 by Peter Gibbins, the company provides floors for “the world’s largest and most complex industrial and commercial locations”.

Quality screed is vital to create a reliable and strong floor. Isocrete K-screed is semi-dry cementitious and is of high-strength and consistency with moisture control and rapid installation.

Isocrete K-screed is used for its ability to deliver a strong level screed that allows for laying of numerous floor finishes such as carpet, tiles, vinyl, woods, and resin. It should be cured under polythene for 7 days.

Isocrete Ancillary Products

Isocrete screeds include a variety of ancillary products that include surface-based primer, surface damp proof membranes, and bonding agents. All of these allow for rapid installations. Their latest Aqualock OneCoat is a water-free solvent epoxy resin. It is a liquid applied surface (damp-proof membrane) so that the substrates can be covered quickly.

Coloured Screeds

Coloured screeds are used a wearing surface allowing fantastic interior design. Isocrete offers a wide range of coloured screeds which comprise of polymer-modified levelling screeds.

Special expertise is needed for the application of coloured screeds

When selecting an Isocrete repair material, you have to take a few things into consideration such as site conditions, climate, and location.

It comes in pour/pump, trowelable, and cementitious forms. With the help of these durable and resistant concrete repair mortars, fast turnaround projects are made possible.

Self-levelling Screeds

Isocrete self-levelling screeds are laid in liquid form which smooths itself out over a specific area. They are BS 8204-7 compliant and quick-laying screeds. They are less labour intensive and have a quicker drying time than other materials. Self-levelling screeds speed up the construction process.

Fast Drying Screeds

Also called accelerated screeds, Isocrete fast drying screeds are great for those projects that require completion within a short time frame. And for this, the floor requires a fast overlay.

Hand Applied Screeds

Self-levelling screeds by Flowcrete UK have recently launched a new version of self-levelling screeds that offer a variety of improved features. They are quicker to mix and apply.

All of this boosts its curing process, its final finish, flatness as well as its strength at low temperatures.

Hand-applied screeds can be ideally used for new or refurbished projects,

Pumped Screeds

Isocrete screeds are fast setting systems. They provide a self-smoothing, high-quality, and cementitious compound that is great to give a durable underlay material that you could top with a floor finish of your choice. Modern pumped screeds can be used on new structures or refurbished buildings.

I hope this helps with your “Isocrete Product” questions, please contact us if you would like to know more about how the products can help your project.

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