Agilia Screed

Agilia Screed – Why You Should Use It.

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about Agilia Screed.

If you are looking for a free-flowing and versatile screed then you will probably want to consider Agilia and we have put together this quick guide to all the basic facts and essential information you need:

Agilia screed can be applied as a liquid or pumped into place. In practice, this means that it works well both for renovation projects where an existing floor may be damaged but are also equally useful for new builds.

As a free-flowing and self-compacting screed, Agilia has several key advantages over the more traditional types of screed:

With traditional screeds, the quality and stability of the finished floor are dependent on the skill of the screed layer and it requires a lot more time to finish.

Laying a traditional screed floor is extremely hard work and it can be difficult to achieve the level of compaction that free-flowing screeds like Agilia can achieve with relative ease.

A combination of these factors means that traditionally laid screeds can need a degree of remedial work.  Of course, all of this adds to the construction time and increases the cost.

Unlike its traditional counterparts, Agilia screed hardens in a way that means that it doesn’t shrink as it sets leading to less remedial interventions, reduced costs and a floor that is more stable and less likely to crack.

Agilia screed has other advantages too, for example, it can be used in new builds with underfloor heating.

Additionally, it offers reduced construction times, less labour costs and is foot-traffic ready within 48 hours.

It is suitable for all sizes of projects, does not need extra reinforcement, and because it compacts so easily it is perfect for use on block and beam flooring.

Notably, the lack of vibration needed to compact the screed means reduced issues with noise.

Key benefits and applications of Agilia screed include:

  • Can be applied to walls.
  • Aesthetics – useful to provide a decorative concrete finish for walls and other architectural features.
  • Reinforcement – can be used with a variety of heavy reinforcement including congested reinforcing steels.
  • Versatile – Agilia screed can be used to directly lay slabs in a variety of settings and is useful for both domestic and light industrial floors.
  • Savings – labour times (and costs) are reduced because of the ease of application and less need for remedial work.
  • High Quality – a high consistently high-quality surface.
  • Creativity and Design – can be provided in different colours.
  • Compressive strength – C20/25-C50/60.
  • Slump flow classes SF1-SF3.
  • Conforms to minimum cement content.
  • Conforms to cement/water ratio requirements.

I hope this helps with your “Agilia Screed” questions, if you would like any further help please get in touch.

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Agilia Screed

Agilia Screed