Anhydrite Screed Cost?

Just what is the anhydrite screed cost?

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Anhydrite screed cost?

It is a questions that we are often asked,

“Can you give us a price?”  “How much is it?”  “Just give me a ball park figure”  “I won’t hold you to it.”

And we tend to say,

“Well, I need more information. I want to give you an accurate price. I just don’t want to guess and give you the wrong price.”

However, I also understand how you need to know a cost guide.

What factors determine anhydrite screed costs?

Where the location of the plant is, and the project are going to be very important.  Throughout the UK, the price of the screed does vary, depending which region it is in.  There are some regional price differences.

It maybe relating to the cost of getting the binder into the plant, and where the aggregate is coming from.  The aggregates may not be naturally produced locally, and may have to be shipped from outside the area.

Where is the ready-mix plant in relation to where the project is?  Is it 1 radial mile away? If so then the haulage cost of the screed is going to be lower.    Is it 25 radials away?  The longer distance means a greater haulage cost.  The truck mixer is going to be away from the plant longer, and there is an associated cost with that.

Haulage Capacity

The ready-mix truck will have a maximum capacity of screed it can carry.   It will depend on the size of the truck, to start with, and the angle of the drum.  With the product being very fluid, if you are going up hills, it could be out the back of the truck.   The volume batched will be less than the “normal” capacity of the truck if it was carrying standard ready-mix concrete, for example.

Say it had a capacity of 6m3 of anhydrite screed, and your delivery was 3m3 then it would have a capacity that is “uncarried”.   There is still a cost for the driver to take it, and a cost for the truck to get there.   The supplier would charge and “uncarried charge”.

Smaller deliveries will mean a higher rate per m3 supplied.

The screed cost still remains the same, whether you have 1m3 or 6m3 on a delivery, but it is the other factors that go into it, like the uncarried charges which will increase cost.


The laying capacity for anhydrite screed is by far greater than a traditional screed.  You can actually get anything from 1500 to 2000 m2 laid per day.

There are certain fixed costs getting to site, the pump, and the labour for the day.  If those fixed costs are divided into a much bigger m2, than it will give you a much lower rate per m2.

At the highest daily rate of supply would provide the lowest rate anhydrite screed cost .  2000 m2 will give you the lowest rate.   At the other end, say, 100 m2, than that will give you a higher price per m2.

Anhydrite Screed Depth

Thickness/depth of the screed, can dramatically change anhydrite screed cost.  At 50mm depth which is about the average depth for this particular product,  compared with 75mm, that would require 50% more material going into that floor, and increase the anhydrite screed cost.

For our ballpark example we will base it on a 50mm average.

Anhydrite Screed Cost

Larger areas:    £10 per m2 for a 50mm depth of screed.

If you go into the other end of the scale

Smaller areas:   £16 per m2 for a 50mm depth screed, based on 100m2

At 75mm:         £20 per m2 based on 100m2

I think that should just give you the ballpark, enable you to plan and to see if the anhydrite screed cost is within your budget.

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anhydrite screed cost

anhydrite screed cost