ARDEX A35 Rapid Drying Floor Screed Solution

How using ARDEX A35 can speed up your construction

Hello, I’m Andy Parkin, the Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed and I want to tell you about an amazing product: ARDEX A35.

What is ARDEX A35?

Ardex A35 is an ultra-fast drying screed that can be used on multiple internal locations to provide a screed floor. The product can be used for all types of screed including bonded, unbonded and floating screed layers. As with other types of screed, the ground preparation is key and the following steps should be adhered to when using ARDEX A35:

Bonded screed: Use an ARDEX A35 grouting slurry to the concrete base and apply ARDEX A35 while the slurry is still wet. The preparation of the slurry should be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and, as with other types of screeding preparations, the base floor must be free of any debris, dust or other obstruction that could impact the final bonding of the screed layer.

Unbonded Screed: Attention should be paid to the base layer, in particular, that it is flat and level and then a damp proof membrane should be laid. Any uneven areas should be filled and levelled before the ARDEX A35 is applied.

Floating Screed: A suitable damp proof or other membranes should be placed on top of the insulation layer before ARDEX A35 is applied.

How fast is ‘fast’?

ARDEX A35 dries rapidly – you can walk on the floor after 3 hours and apply tiles, carpet, wood and vinyl final flooring after just 24 hours. This represents a significant time saving on projects where speed is of the essence. For those extremely time-sensitive jobs try using ARDEX A55 alongside the ARDEX A35. This is a semi-dry mix with ultra-fast drying capability, reducing the time to final flooring application to just 4 hours for carpet, rubber or vinyl floors. Another great reason to choose ARDEX A35 is that it will reach the required compressive and tensile strengths after just 24 hours and pass the BRE’S screed test in just 6 hours.

Key features of ARDEX A35:

• Walk on after 3 hours at 20oC
• Place flooring after just 24 hours (can be increased to 4 hours used with ARDEX A55)
• Covers 3.2m2 per 25kg if mixed at a ratio of 1:5
• Working time at 20oC – 60 minutes
• Reaches minimum compression and tensile strength within 24 hours (as opposed to 28 days for normal cement screed)
• Will pass soundness tests after 6 hours.
• Can be used as a bonded, unbonded or floating screed layer.
• Perfect for underfloor heating installations.

For more information on this powerful screed, contact us, we are here to help.

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