Arditex NA – The Best Levelling Compound?

Arditex NA – The Best Levelling Compound?

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed.  Today I would like to talk about the amazing Arditex NA.

Why Arditex NA

Levelling and smoothing compounds have always been extensively used in the construction industry, but there was a void in the market in terms of how and where a smoothing compound could be used. Arditex NA has filled the void.

The product is a rapid subfloor levelling and smoothing compound that saves a lot of time and money. It doesn’t require any intense preparations or priming before laying.  One of the great perks of Arditex NA is that it’s not affected by moisture.

Arditex NA is a latex-based compound that dries and allows contractors to save a lot of time and money on projects.

How To Apply Arditex NA

Simplicity is the most unique selling point as it is so easy to use. There is no need for any priming and preparation. Arditex NA is very well-known for its versatility and tolerance. As a result, you save money on equipment hiring and labour cost.

You can apply it directly on any surface without priming. It doesn’t matter if there are old adhesives or other debris, it will stick to literally anything. Plywood, damp proof membranes and old ceramic tiles can easily adhere to Arditex NA.

A big advantage of this levelling and smoothing compound is that it’s not affected by moisture at all. A lot of the other levelling compounds on the market require the concrete to be dry before applying. But not for Arditex NA. It bonds with damp concrete, with no problems.

It’s very quick to dry, thanks to its latex infusion. The floor becomes ready for walking after only 2 hours of drying. It was unheard of before Arditex NA arrived on the market. Also, floorcoverings can be installed after 4 hours of drying. If you want to lay ceramic tiling, it’s even faster at only 3 hours.

For your convenience, Arditex NA comes mixed in a bag and a bottle of latex. You don’t need to measure it or add any extra water to the mix, just add the latex and start applying. The mixture never performs any less, not even in low temperatures. Arditex NA is completely compatible with underfloor heating and flowing liquid screed.

The package comes as a standard 20kg bag of powder along with 4.85kg latex. The mixture can effectively cover 5 square meters of the area if you keep the thickness at 3mm.

You can tweak the thickness according to your needs in order to cover more or less area. With every mm you increase, you reduce the coverage area by 2 m2.


Floor levelling and smoothing compounds are very important investments. You should always be careful about what you do and what you buy. Arditex NA is a great option in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.   You can even bond to bitumen residues!

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