Can I let you lay the screed only, and I will do all the preparation work?

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award-Winning Speed Screed.

So, can you let Speed Screed just lay in the Screed?

Yes, you certainly can, we will be happy to do that.

What I would say is that we do provide a 10 Year Guarantee which would only cover the Screed.  If we were to lay the insulation, membranes, underfloor heating, acoustics, etc then they would all be covered within the 10 Year Guarantee.

The screed is only as good as the substrate that it’s sitting on.

If the insulation is laid incorrectly with gaps that could cause thermal performance issues, you could also get induced cracking issues, where there might be steps, gaps or even rocking in the insulation,

If you lay membranes, it is important to ensure that it’s correctly taped.

If it’s a damp proof membrane, we ensure that there are no areas where there may be ingress of moisture.  If we’re providing underfloor heating, we ensure the pipes are fully clipped, fully secured.

If laying acoustic insulation, which may be on a domestic basis where we provide an edge strip to actually isolate the screed from the walls, we are going to ensure that there are no transmission pathways for the sound to be transmitted through the building especially if it is a multi-occupancy building and we’re laying an acoustic system.

With Speed Screed,  we can guarantee the whole of the substrate.

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Can I let you lay the screed only

Can I let you lay the screed only