Cemex Floor Screed

Cemex Floor Screed – Should You Use It?

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about Cemex Floor Screed.

Cemex floor screed is manufactured to a high standard to meet all the requirements of the construction industry.  Alongside their original Readyscreed® the company have produced Early Strength and Reinforced versions which will cover all your screeding needs.  All of the mixing and additions are carefully controlled to make sure you receive an excellent product every time.  Cemex floor screed complies with all the relevant British standards and is non-combustible.

About Cemex Floor Screed:

To help you understand which Cemex floor screed you should use on your project we have compared the different types of Readyscreed®:

Readyscreed® Original

This high-performance screed is fully British Standards-compliant and CE marked.  The flooring screed is delivered ready-to-use so you are always sure that it is mixed correctly.  It provides a strong, stable screed with shorter drying times.  Once delivered you can use the mixture for up to 12 hours or one working day.  Cemex is happy to provide detail retardation information.

To use:  Prepare your surface, making sure that it is sound and free of any dust, dirt, oil or grease.  A bonding coat must be used for a bonded floor screed construction and the screed must be applied before it dries.  There is no need for on-site mixing or storage facilities.

Readyscreed® Early Strength

This screed has all the performance of the original but dries in around 50% of the time and boasts enhanced strength.  It is a ready-to-use product that provides shorter drying time, consistency in performance, better workability and has early resistance to impact and damage because of its special formulation.

The product contains a super-plasticiser which reduces water content, increases strength and decreases drying times.    It needs to cure for around 2 days and will harden in around 48 hours sufficient to allow for light full traffic.  Full strength hardening occurs after 7 days.  These times can be prolonged during cold conditions.  Retardation information is available from the manufacturer and the site should be prepared as per Readyscreed® Original.

Readyscreed® Reinforced

The has all the performance you would expect from a Cemex floor screed with the addition of polypropylene fibres. These fibres provide a substitute for mesh and because it is already in the screed it eliminates the need to buy and store mesh.  The fibres also remove any concerns about the mesh placement or depth because the fibres are distributed evenly throughout the screed. Like its counterparts, Readyscreed® Reinforced is fully British Standard compliant.

This screed will need to cure for around 7 days and the site prepared as per the usual good practice for flooring screed. It arrives on site ready mixed with everything ready to go in the correct proportions.

I hope this information on Cemex floor screed will give you some insight when it comes to making the decision regarding which floor screed is right for your project.  However, if you need any more information please give us a call at Speed Screed we will be happy to give you more information about the type of screed that will best meet your needs.

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