D49 Mesh

D49 Mesh: Minimise Cracking and Shrinking

I am Andy Parkin Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed and I am here today to help you minimise the problem of shrinkage cracking using D49 mesh.

Cracking of floor screed is often associated with curling or shrinking as well, and using a reinforcement such as D49 Mesh can help.

Keep in mind that the goal of this article is to help you guide in the right direction. There are a lot of factors that can cause a screed to crack, so always consult with a professional before proceeding.


According to the British Standard BS 8204-1:2003, reinforcement is used to reduce the severity of the cracks. It’s often used with unbonded or floating screed to control the shrinkage and cracks.

D49 Mesh complies with all the standards, and it will help minimise those shrinkage cracks

How Does D49 Mesh Work?

Reinforcement mesh such as D49 Mesh is put inside cementitious screed to reduce stress on the screed. The primary reason behind cracking and shrinkage is the stress that the screed goes through while curing.

D49 Mesh is used in order to enhance the compression quality and increase the flexural strength of the screed. It’s an effective way of lengthening the ‘bending moment’ of the screed. The bending moment refers to the point where the screed bends due to external pressure.

Cracking and shrinkage mostly happen around pipes and day joints. Using the D49 mesh is an effective way of distributing the stress evenly across the screed to keep the risk of shrinkage and cracking at a minimum. The reinforcement mesh can be used to minimise curling in floating screed when laid across joints.

There is no guarantee that your screed will never crack if you use D49 Mesh, you will just minimise the risk.  One thing that is certain if you don’t use reinforcement or lay the screed in small bays, there is a high probability that the screed WILL crack.

Remember, the type of reinforcement should always be selected by a professional. The type of screed, mixing method, expected load, depth of the screed, etc. measures go into consideration while selecting the reinforcement.

D49 Mesh is an amazing option when it comes to floor reinforcement. But it doesn’t mean that it’s applicable to all kinds of floors. If you are going with floor screed, consider investing in a good quality reinforcement mesh like the D49 Mesh.


I would consider D49 mesh reinforcement an essential ingredient for your floor screed. It is important that you follow the rules to get the right mesh for your flooring. A wrong decision can result in costly repairs in the near future.

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