How Level Will My Screed Be?

Just how level will my screed be?

My name is Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi Award Winning Speed Screed.

Speed Screed work to the British Standard BS 8204-1:2003.   Within that standard, we are working generally to SR2 (surface regularity).

SR2 covers probably about 80 to 90% of all projects within the UK.   What that entails is a 5 mm deviation under a 2 m straightedge.   It would be plus or minus 5 mm over that 2 m.

For the other 10% of project the higher SR1 is specified (projects such as operating theatres),  that would actually mean SR1 would be 3 mm over a 2 m straightedge.

That’s the kind of accuracy that we are working to and that we will perform day in day out.

There may be times when it is impossible to lay a level floor.  For example, if there are 2 datum’s and the datum’s vary but both the datum’s need to be hit.  Say there is a door casing, front or back threshold, might be an older property that we are having to match up.  One is higher than the other, making it impossible to meet both thresholds and lay a “level” screed at the same time.

So there may be times when we are physically unable to provide a level floor, but we will fully consult with you on site and document the fact that we can’t lay a Level Floor.

We always are looking to meet the British Standard and deliver an SR1 or  SR2, level floor, whichever is appropriate.

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How level will my screed be

How level will my screed be