How Quickly Can I Walk On The Screed After Laying?

How quickly can I walk on the screed after laying?

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi Award Winning Speed Screed.

Just how quickly can I walk on the screed after laying?  That really depends on the products.

You are looking at anything from 60 minutes to 7 days.

Site Conditions

A number of factors will affect this, one of which is the conditions on site at the time, low temperatures that slow down the reaction of the cement.  In winter you’ve got to give it longer than in summer.

We provide a range of products and when we are providing the quotation for you, we will highlight how long it is before you can actually traffic the screed.

What you have got to bear in mind also is the type of traffic, if it is light foot traffic,  just walking across the surface, then it is going to be a lot quicker.   If we are talking about full site traffic where the demands are going to be greater, then it would be towards the end of the period specified.

Not matter how quickly you want it, there is a screed

We have products that will cater for whatever your requirements are.

The screed will always need to be protected until it’s actually covered as recommended by the British Standard.  Most of the screeds that are supplied are non-wearing surface screeds, and will require a floor covering to go on top.   Please bear that in mind,  and if there is any particular activities that are going to damage the screed, then it would need to be protected (you might use ply boards)

If you have any specific requirements when you need to work on it, you can speak to us and we will design a system that will cater for your needs.

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How quickly can I walk on the screed after laying

How quickly can I walk on the screed after laying