Mapescreed 704 Fast Drying Screed

Why Use Mapescreed 704?

Using Mapescreed 704 saves you time and money.

Can You Wait For Curing?

Traditional screeds typically need seven days curing before site traffic should be allowed under normal conditions. Can you afford to wait?

This specialist add mixture allows for light foot traffic in just 12 to 24 hours. Allowing work to continue onsite saving you money, and time on your program.

Fast Drying Times

Once a traditional screed has been laid at a depth of 75 mm, it would take approximately 100 days before being dry enough to lay your floor coverings on. With Mapescreed 704, you can lay floor coverings in as little as 7 days for ceramics, and 14 days for natural stone, wood, carpet, resilient and resin flooring.

The fast drying times reduces the wait before switching the underfloor heating system on for the first time, before laying coverings.

Early Strength

See high mechanical strength after only 7 days.  If you need to load your screed earlier than usual, then Mapescreed will give you an advantage (always speak to your engineer for loading requirements).

Just think what that can do for your programme.

These are just a few of the benefits of using Mapescreed 704.

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mapescreed 704

mapescreed 704