Pliteq GenieMat – Acoustic Solution

Pliteq GenieMat: The Acoustic Solution for You

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi Award Winning Speed Screed.  Today I am here to talk about Pliteq GenieMat.

When it comes to flooring underlayment, there is nothing better than Pliteq GenieMat. It is an amazing non profiled underlayment mat that goes directly under the screed. Whether it is concrete, wood, or steel, it is the perfect underlayment you have been looking for.

It is a non profiled variant, which means the sheet is flat and there are no textures on top. It is a must-have for commercial high-rises to meet with building regulations.

Made from 94% recycled rubber and is engineered to minimise sound transmission through the floor. It is equally effective for residential properties and commercial properties. Your home, school, hospital, or any other construction can benefit from Pliteq GenieMat.

Variants of Pliteq GenieMat

Pliteq GenieMat comes in two different variants. One is GenieMat FF03NP, which is the 3mm thickness. The one is called GenieMat FF05NP which comes in a 5mm thickness.

In terms of functionality, FF05NP works better than FF03NP. The reason behind is the extra 2mm thickness. The thicker the underlayment is, the more it can reduce sound transmission.

Pliteq GenieMat is delivered as rolls. The dimensions and specifications are slightly different for FF03NP and FF05NP.

The FF03NP is the 3mm variant of the Pliteq GenieMat. The roll itself is 1.22 meters wide while the length is a hefty 22.84 meters. The thickness for the entire roll is 3mm and the roll weighs around 52 kilograms. You can cover an area of 27.87 square meters with one roll.

On the other hand, the 5mm variant, FF05NP comes in a 1.22 meters wide roll, same as the FF03NP. But this Pliteq GenieMat, however, is shorter in length which measures only 9.14 meters. But the roll weighs more than the FF03NP, 53 kilograms to be precise. The extra thickness throughout the roll is the reason behind its condensed mass.

The lead time is a maximum of 3 days, starting from the day of order, and has 15 rolls in a pallet and the FF05NP has 20 rolls. The hardness for both the resilient underlayment is the same, 40 durometers to be exact.

Benefits of Using Pliteq GenieMat

While there are a lot of underlayment options, why should you go for the Pliteq GenieMat? Because it’s the best in class. The material is of very high-quality and the quality has been maintained through the entire manufacturing process.

One of the main reasons for investing in Pliteq GenieMat is sound reduction. It is especially true for impact sounds. It is extremely easy to install and you can get your pallet within 3 working days. Pliteq GenieMat is completely resistant from mold, water, fungi, and bacteria.


Pliteq GenieMat is a resilient underlayment solution that is the best in its class in terms of quality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

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