Retanol Xtreme

Retonal Xtreme

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about Retanol Xtreme

There are a large number of fast-drying screed products in the market, but this screed is in a class of its own. This product developed by PCT Chemie can offer fast drying with nearly unmatched performance, making it a great screed product.

It offers nearly unmatched drying times. The screed dries in 48 hours to the extent that tiling can take place, while after 72 hours, and facilitates all other kinds of floor coverings. Due to its insensitivity to moisture, it is also suitable for wet areas, even permanent ones.

Retonal Xtreme – Find that hard to believe? We’re not done

Allows foot traffic after just 24 hours. What’s more, Retanol Xtreme reaches 80-90 % of its final strength after just 3-4 days. It has a final strength of C40 to C60; this number is, however, subject to change depending on the aggregate used, and a flexural strength of F6-F8.

You will be happy to know that Retanol Xtreme comes with a TUV certificate recognised under EU standards as a construction product with no negative impact on human health when handled or added into a floor screed installation.

With its extended working life, with a short dying period, it is ideal for underfloor heating with improved thermal conductivity aided by its early compressive and flexural strength.

Retanol Xtreme: The Choice Fast Drying Screed

Retanol Xtreme can be used for both internal and external flooring.

When looking for fast track installation Retanol Xtreme is the additive, with low shrinkage and low tension.  Suits bonded, unbonded and floating construction types.  Enhances pumping and increases workability enormously.

High Strength

High strength is a key feature of Retanol Xtreme ensuring its suitability for those heavy industrial projects, down to regular domestic.


Used internally or externally, and as a finished surface, making Retanol Xtreme very versatile.

It’s perfect for particular high strengths in the industrial field and for accelerated hardening where early loading is required.

With minimum depths of only 25mm bonded and 35mm floating, its application is wide.

I hope this helps with your “Retanol Xtreme” questions.  Do get in touch for more information. We love to help!

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Retanol Xtreme

Retanol Xtreme