RonaScreed 1 Day Overlay 

Ronascreed 1 day overlay

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award-Winning Speed Screed. Today I’m here to give you a little more insight into Ronascreed 1 day overlay.

So What is Ronascreed 1 day overlay?

RonaScreed 1 Day Overlay is a cement replacement used to rapidly reduce the level of retained moisture within site-batched screeds.

This allows floor coverings to be set down much sooner than conventional screeds. Rapid strength gain permits light foot traffic after 6 hours.

Drying of screeds incorporating RonaScreed 1 Day Overlay is influenced by heat generated during curing, meaning drying thicker screeds is faster per millimetre of screed thickness.

Screeds installed at 50mm thickness can accept moisture-sensitive floor coverings, which require 75% surface RH before laying after only 36 hours. Screeds applied at 75mm thickness, or greater can get the same covers after only 1 day.

Just What are the benefits of the Ronascreed 1 day overlay?

  • Cement replacement system for rapid drying screeds
  • Rapid drying—can accept floor coverings such as vinyl, tiles and carpet after only 1 day
  • Rapid hardening—light foot traffic in 6 hours
  • It can be applied as thin as 25mm
  • The pre-packed formulation offers the assurance of consistent high performance
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems


  • Minimum Bonded Thickness 25mm light duty (40mm heavy duty)
  • Minimum Unbonded Thickness 40mm
  • Minimum Floating Thickness 65mm light duty (75mm heavy duty)
  • 1 day drying time.


It is necessary that where no effective damp proof membrane exists, RonaScreed DPM is first applied. Refer to RonaScreed DPM datasheet.


When laying a bonded screed, the surface must be mechanically prepared and tested to ensure it is appropriate to accept a bonded screed. The screed must be laid on damp or tacky primer, and a dry primer must be vigorously scratched and reapplied.

Clean the substrate to remove dust and debris, damp it with clean water and allow the water to soak in. Take off excess water and apply a bond coat of Ronacrete Rapid Primer well brushed into the wet surface.


RonaScreed 1 Day Overlay Rapid Dry Screed must be machine mixed in a forced action mixer (e.g. CreteAngle pan mixer). Do not use a free-fall mixer.

Mix the dry components and, when evenly dispersed, add adequate clean water for enough compaction and surface finish to guarantee full hydration of the cement. The compaction of dry mixes will be poor, and strength will provide below.


RonaScreed 1 Day Overlay Rapid Dry Screed must be placed instantly after mixing. The screed must be joined and closed with a float or trowel. Avoid overworking the surface.

Thicknesses above 50mm may be placed monolithically (wet on wet) in more than one layer to ensure full compaction. Each layer should be of more or less equal thickness.

To ensure satisfactory adhesion, the lower layer must be raked to provide a key for the next layer. If the workability of a layer is lost, it must be mechanically prepared, before applying the next layer.

Then apply a bond coat of Ronacrete Rapid Primer well-brushed onto the surface and the next layer onto the wet/tacky primer.


Exposure of RonaScreed 1 Day Overlay Rapid Dry Screed to drying winds and direct sunlight should be avoided.

So, there you have it, the fabulous Ronascreed 1 day overlay. For more information, please contact us. We love to help!

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