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Use Our Screed Calculator To Work Out How Much Screed You Need

My name is Andy Parkin managing director of the Multi Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here today to talk about our Screed Calculator.

When ordering screed,it is important to know all the dimensions of the building, and the depths required.

Once you have this information you will be able to run it through the screed calculator and then order the correct volume of screed.

The screed calculator will work out the approximate quantity of screed that you would need to order based on the measurements that you supply.

We would always recommend a little extra to allow for waste and small changes in depth.

When Working Out The Volumes There Are Two Options:

  1. The first Option requires: LENGTH (metres) WIDTH (metres) and the DEPTH (mm)
  2. The Second Option requires: AREA (meters2) and DEPTH (mm)

Once the measurements are input into the screed calculator you have the volume of screed required for your project.

Calculating the square meterage, a project is relatively easy, however the depth required is a little more complicated.

How level the current substrate is, will determine the depth of the screed required.

When working out the depth an average over the whole floor will need to be taken, with high and low points possibly determining the type of screed required.

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Screed Calculator

Screed Calculator