Self Levelling Concrete Screed

Self Levelling Concrete Screed

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about self levelling concrete screed.

At the cutting edge of concrete technology is self-levelling concrete screed.  Whilst in my opinion there isn’t such a thing as a self-levelling concrete screed, this product comes as close as you will get.

The ease of placement is remarkable, when you think of traditional concrete screed, and the work it takes to place and lay.

No vibration with Self Levelling Concrete Screed

The product is self-compacting, thus means no need to vibrate the concrete to ensure all air voids are removed.

Can be poured directly from the truck mixer if access is suitable, and the area relatively small.  However, expect to pump this material into place, this affords such ease of delivery and placement.

The main reason this screed is a great fit for any building with a concrete floor is the fact that this product works for itself. It almost self levels, self-compacts, and to finish the surface of the screed is simplicity itself.

Taking a steel dapple bar (this is a rounded bar, with two handles), simply place the bar in the concrete, push down to the substrate, and bring back to the surface.  This procedure is carried out over the whole surface of the concrete.

Then at 90 degrees to the first pass, a light bouncing on the concretes surface is carried out.  This provides a smooth finished surface, ready for floor covering if specified.

Bonded, unbonded, and floating, are all suitable construction type for self-levelling concrete screed.

Some Products to Explore

If you are looking for self-levelling concrete screed in the market a couple of options are:

Tarmac Topflow Horizontal

This horizontal self levelling concrete screed has been expertly designed to offer a superb quality of finish, while also being easy to apply.

Benefits of the Tarmac Topflow Horizontal include:

  • Fast flowing – Free flowing Topflow concrete can be placed fast.
  • Easier placement – Placement is not just fast, it’s easy
  • No vibration – By eliminating vibration and greatly reducing noise pollution.

The characteristics of this particular brand ensure that you get a self-compacting screed that is so easy to apply. Eliminating the need to power float.

Cemex Evolution Self Compacting Concrete

Cemex is another player in the technology concrete market having developed “Evolution”.

Construction in today’s market is all about quality and speed.  The quicker a project is completed, with little to no snagging issues, the cost saving improve the contractor’s profits.

Benefits include:

  • Evolution is both economical as well as easily placed
  • Reduced labour required for placing, levelling and finishing
  • Virtually self levelling, help to reduce placing time
  • Enhanced work ability and excellent early strength
  • No compaction needed, due to its self- compacting properties
  • Reduced noise and health & safety issues
  • Industry compliant, meets or exceeds the relevant British and European Standards
  • Minimal finishing, sets with a smooth surface that requires minimal further finishing

I hope this helps with your “self levelling concrete screed” questions.  Do get in touch for more information. We love to help!

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