Underfloor Heating Pros and Cons

Underfloor Heating Pros and Cons

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi Award Winning Speed Screed. Today I’m here to give you a little more insight into underfloor heating; I’ll talk about underfloor heating Pros and Cons

Underfloor heating Pros and Cons; an overview

Underfloor heating is in far more widespread use than it was 10 years or so ago; it’s still a luxurious feature, but it’s far more affordable and a regular feature of design-led living projects.

Is underfloor heating worth it?

This is the million dollar question we’re hoping to answer for you today by looking at the pros and cons of underfloor heating.

The pros

Energy Efficiency

Traditional radiators found in most homes need to be heated to a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius to be effective in heating a room; compare that to the 29 degrees Celsius that underfloor heating needs to reach and it’s easy to see why underfloor heating is more energy efficient. Radiators also heat the part of the room nearest to them first which means there may end up being cold spots in your rooms; you can avoid this with underfloor heating.

So you can save money (an average of 15%), it’s better for the environment and you get a more even heat.

Great to run

Underfloor heating comes with a lifetime guarantee and requires next to zero maintenance. You can use Smart Wi-Fi thermostats or programmable thermostats so you get the most out of your heating system.

Get more from your rooms

If your heating system is under the floor, you immediately get more space in your rooms (i.e. where your radiators would have been). More space and more design freedom; what’s not to like about that?!


Underfloor heating works with all types of floor covering giving you total design freedom. Whether it’s, laminate, wood, tile, carpet or stone (or just about anything else!), underfloor heating is an option for you.

Peace of mind

With underfloor heating you get none of these worries:

  • Hot surfaces
  • Sharp edges
  • Decreased air quality

Radiators are a heat and collision hazard for members of the family and the higher temperatures they create can deplete oxygen levels and cause a “prickly heat” sensation.

Easy as pie

Underfloor heating is actually very easy to install and especially so if you work it into an existing building or refurbishment project.

The cons

The cost of installation

The initial outlay on underfloor heating is generally higher that comparable radiator systems, though you will save in the long run with cheaper running costs.

Time to install

When installing underfloor heating is important that you lay a self-levelling compound on top; you’ll need to take into account the drying time for this when completing your build (we can advise on this).

The height of your floor

As a rule, underfloor heating will increase the height of your floor slightly and if you decide to add insulation for increased energy efficiency this height can go up further.

Well, that’s underfloor heating pro and cons; we hope that you feel well informed and can see the clear benefits in underfloor heating. If you would like any further information please contact usWe love to help!

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