What can I expect onsite from your operatives

What can I expect onsite from your operatives? What do I need to provide?

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi Award Winning Speed Screed.

What exactly can you expect from our operatives when they arrive on site?

What do you actually need to provide?

Speed Screed will have been in touch with you discussing your needs, confirming the order, confirming all our requirements,

  • Where the materials are going to be delivered to
  • The access required
  • What the laying process is

By the time our operatives turn up to site, you will be fully aware of the materials and the process of us actually mixing the screed at point.

When the operatives are on site, they will then complete a full site check.

They have a list to go through and, it will be a case of confirming:

The datum’s, where is your datum’s?  Where do you need to screed to basically come up to in the building.   What is the level that you need?  It is confirming that that we understand where that level is and that it is actually achievable.

Is it a case that you have got enough depth, it maybe that we are trying to achieve multiple datum’s that are not level and all these things will be discussed.  We will go through and laser the project before we actually start laying the screed just to make sure that it’s possible to actually do this.

Then complete a walk round of the site to look for any obvious issues with the preparation if we haven’t completed it ourselves.  Now, it is not to say that we are going to be able to pick up on all faults but if we find anything that is obvious we will look at that.

Are there any potential issues with entry or egress of the building.

Is the building weather tight?

Once we have checked the full list ensuring that we are meeting your exact requirements.  The operatives will then start mixing process.

There will be a need to access water, which is used in the mixing process and washing the pump out afterwards.  A good supply of water is essential.

An area to mix the mix the screed us required, to place the screed pump.    The pumps that we operate are trailer mounted pumps, and that would be the same if we are mixing onsite or  having pre-mixed materials delivered to site.  The pumps are trailer mounted and you are looking at around about 5 meters in length including the towing mechanism.

Once we have complete the project, the pump will be washed out, with a small amount of waste product.  We should have pre-agreed an area for the waste, and skips can be provided but this needs to be arranged in advance. Generally you will have discussed these requirements beforehand.

Whilst onsite the team will  go through the aftercare information (aftercare information will have been provided at order stage, when we confirmed the order).

The aftercare information let you know how the screed needs to be taken care of to maximise its longevity and its performance. We should also give a physical copy on site so that should be something that you receive on site if required.

Those are the basics of what we will require, and what you can expect.

We want you to be happy with the screed, with the workmanship and  we try and take into account all eventualities before we get to site but, there are occasionally some things that need to be worked through on site, however 99 times out of 100, we can work out a solution if there is any issue.

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What can I expect onsite from your operatives

What can I expect onsite from your operatives