What is screed used for? 

What Is Screed Used For?

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about what is screed used for?

Made in a similar way to concrete by mixing cement, water and sharp sand. It can then be used to make a smooth, hard-wearing surface on a concrete floor and can also help to level domestic floors before adding the final flooring layer.  It is also used when underfloor heating systems are installed. The composition and method of laying will vary according to its use.

Different screeds have different uses

Composition is the main determining factor when choosing and there are a number of different types produced for a variety of uses:

  • As a base for flooring – levelling  – this has no structural effect on the floor but simply ensures that the final flooring is placed on a level surface. This type of screed is often used for underfloor heating installations.
  • As the final flooring surface – wearing – this impacts on floor structure by providing a good, high quality and strong surface and can be used as the top surface to the floor.
  • Bonded – this will be used to maximise the bond between the screed and the substrate.
  • Unbonded – is separated from the substrate by a membrane. It includes things like floating which is laid on top of a layer of thermal or sound insulation.
  • Cement sand screeds – can be used for flooring and other forms of construction, traditional screeds can take a lot of time to dry.
  • Pumpable, free-flowing – can be used on large areas but their use can vary according to the manufacturer’s instructions so these must always be followed carefully. These are also known as self-smoothing because they give good quality, level surfaces.

The screed can be laid onto a base layer or damp proof membrane and be reinforced if necessary by adding metal mesh or fibres.  It can be mixed on-site or bought ready-mixed.

Free-flowing screeds are extremely useful, easy to lay and provide good level finished surfaces.  Where it is essential to reduce drying times or prevent shrinkage several additives can be easily added.

Uses across a variety of sectors including:

  • Domestic environments
  • Office environments
  • Commercial/Industrial units
  • Retail outlets
  • Schools

I hope this has been helpful in answering the questions, what is screed used for. If you have any questions please contact us, we love to help!

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Screed Used

Screed Used