What other options/extras should I consider?

What other options extras should I consider?

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi Award Winning Speed Screed.  I’m here to talk about “what other options extras should I consider?”

We provide a full preparation service.  As we provide a 10 year guarantee, why not include the whole system within that guarantee not just the screed?  You have got total peace of mind, no arguing, who did what Speed Screed will have completed the whole project and we will cover it with our 10 year guarantee.

What type of systems can we install?  We can install insulation and look at your “u” value and come up with a system that will perform exactly how you need it to thermally.

We can supply membranes, gas membranes, damp proof membranes and slip membranes.

Slip membranes are perhaps one of the most underestimated products on the market, most people lay in directly onto the foil back insulation which is a big “no no”.  The manufacturers of the insulation all state that it shouldn’t go directly onto the foil.There is a reaction and there is a potential detriment to the screed.

Edging strips for movement and also for acoustics.  The acoustic systems isolate the slab from the rest of the building so, you are not getting the sound transmitting around the building.

For multi occupancy buildings, part L of the building regulations is a requirement, and there has to be pre-completion testing or a system that is verified by a robust detail.  We can supply that system and make sure that you comply with the regulations.

We can also supply underfloor heating, installed and fully guaranteed with our 10 year guarantee (incased within our floor screed). The system is designed by us and will be installed by us.

When the project is complete, you may require a curing membrane, this is to ensure that the screed itself meets its performance standards.  So that it actually fully cures, it fully hydrates and it’s going to perform for the rest of its design life.

We can provide surface protection. Once the screed has been laid, it should be protected right through to the time when the floor coverings are actually placed.   Generally screeds are not wearing surfaces and, you can often get a lot of surface damage which may cause problems and issues to the screed.

We also provide services such as moisture testing, if you are wanting to know exactly when you can get your floor coverings on.  We can provide those vital tests for you.

Need to test the strength of the screed?  Within the British Standard, there is a Drop Hammer Test which we are able to provide. It doesn’t have to be our screed that we are testing, however we are able to provide that test for you.

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What other options extras should I consider

What other options extras should I consider