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Quick Drying Floor Screed

Quick-drying floor screed.

Beardwell Construction Limited

Quick Drying Screed

49 Southend Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 5NJ

Beardwell Construction Limited work on a wide range of projects from the accommodation, commercial, education, health care, heritage, and public sector.

Their commitment is to have “clarity”, be “clear and open” have “consistency” and “commitment”.  All qualities that are required to ensure the project goes to plan.

quick drying floor screed



Supported Living Scheme,  Thistley Green Road, Braintree, Essex

quick drying floor screed

Evegate, Thistley Green Road, Braintree


quick drying floor screed

Essex County Council agreed to fund a £9.5 million contract for a supported living scheme.  This would house ten people at the site, moving them from permanent hospitalization.

Around 300m2 of floor screed was specified.




There was not the time in the program to allow for a traditional agenda to dry, and so a quick-drying floor was needed.

we would allow the covering to be laid much quicker, rather than waiting up to 3 months under normal conditions.




To ensure the build kept to program the quick-drying floor screed Mapescreed 704 was supplied.

The quick-drying would allow tiles to be laid after only 7 days, and woods/resilient after only 14 days.

Light foot traffic after only 12-24 hours and a high early mechanical strength allowed the site trades to keep moving computer.

The Mapescreed 704 additive was supplied directly from Mapei.

CCF supplied Quinn Premier Grade 42.5N Cement

Screeding sand supplied both loose tipped from Tarmac, and bulk bags by Jewson’s

The mixing ratio was that of a 1:4 using the state of the art Putzmeister M760 four-generation screed pump with skip and scrapper.  Pumping the perfectly mixed lime screed floor to the exact place of computer science.   With little or no impact on other trades working in the area.

To minimize the risk of shrinkage cracking, Adfil Fibrin 660F (Polypropylene fibers) were added to the mix.

This substrate was prepared by others and included a new water underfloor heating system

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