CEMEX Supaflo

Cemex Supaflo – Flowing Screed Choice

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed, and I’m here to talk about CEMEX Supaflo


CEMEX Supaflo is a calcium sulphate based flowing screed.


Perfect for:

Supaflo is not suitable for:

  • Permanently wet areas, such as commercial changing rooms/swimming pool surrounds
  • Areas that require falls


CEMEX Supaflo is supplied directly from the screed manufacturer.  Supplied in ready-mixed truck mixers.  4/6/8/10 wheelers.

The screed is then discharged into a specialist screed pump and then pumped into place.


Approximately 1mm per day, up to 40mm. Beyond 40mm, 0.5mm per day. This is based on 20 degrees and 60 relative humidity

After 7 days the screed can be forced dried to speed up the process.


  • 24-48 hours


***it should be noted that those depths are based on the standard mix, and other options are available.


  •  Up to 2000m2 per day productivity
  •  Joints at 30-40 linear meters
  •  Very low shrinkage
  •  Minimal cracking
  •  Will not curl
  •  No need for curing membrane
  •  No reinforcement required
  •  Requires no manual compaction
  •  Eco-friendly calcium sulphate binder
  •  Free from protein and does not harbour harmful bacteria.
  • With nearly twice the thermal conductivity of traditional sand and cement screeds, Supaflo is perfect for underfloor heating.

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CEMEX Supaflo

CEMEX Supaflo