Flow Screed Cost??

Flow Screed Cost

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi Award-Winning Speed Screed. I’m here today to talk about flow screed cost.

We are often asked, “what is the flow screed cost, can you give us a ballpark figure”  It’s not always easy to just come up with a figure, because there are a number of variable costs in there, but I do appreciate that sometimes you are going to need an idea of cost so you can introduce it into your project, and see if it is viable.

Costing Factors

Location and material costs are going be a big factor.  Location of your project in relation to where the ready mix plant is based, will effect cost via delivery expenses. The materials that the ready-mix producer buys, are going to vary around the country, and dependant on distance from the ready-mix plant.

Flow screed requires a particular grading and quality of sand, which is not available from all sand pits.  Depending where the sand supply is you may have to travel 50, 60, 60 miles to get to the plant. This would also apply to the anhydrite binder that has to travel from one of only two sources within the UK. It depends in relation to where the plant is to what the transportation costs are.

Screed Depths

The thicker the screed, the more material will be required, and the flow screed cost per m2 will go up.  If you are looking at a typical flow screed depth of 50mm, and then you decide to move up to 75mm, you would be putting in 50% more material, and the flow screed cost will go up.

Large Areas

The product has tremendous productivity, meaning that you can lay up to 2,000m2 a day, and so on the right project, in the right area, able to get large volume of supplies, and the project has large open spaces.

If you are able to lay larger volumes in the day, the flow screed cost per m2 will come down.  There are certain fixed costs, labour, fixed transportation costs to get the labour to site, and if you are dividing those fix costs into a larger area then the overall flow screed cost per m2 will come down.

The difference between a 2000m2 project and a typical house, which is around 100m2, then the larger the area, the smaller the flow screed cost per m2. The smaller the area, the larger the m2 costs

  • The typical flow screed cost for a 2000m2 would be around £10/m2 
  • For 100m2 it would be in the region of £16/m2

For anything smaller than 100 square metres, you will incur part-load charges. The delivery truck wouldn’t be carrying it’s capacity, and therefore that would incur part load charges.  The fixed costs would be divided into a smaller m2, increasing cost, and in turn the flow screed cost would increase.

I hope that gives you an rough idea of flow screed cost. If you need more accurate prices, please get in touch.

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flow screed cost

flow screed cost