Gypsol Rapide

Gypsol Rapide – Flowing Screed Option

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about Gypsol Rapide.

Traditional Calcium Sulphate screeds are sometimes classed as undependable in modern construction due to the slow drying times, with 60mm depth taking around 80 days to dry in perfect conditions. However, Gypsol has come up with a product to solve this issue – Gypsol Rapide.

It’s a remarkable product that introduces the concept of fast drying with the benefits of a standard calcium sulphate screed. To prove that this screed does actually dry when it promises too, the product has been tested extensively by independent sources.

What’s Different About the Gypsol Rapide?

Gypsol Rapide is a traditional liquid screed with a super power!: it dries in just a fraction of the time “normal” screed takes. Gypsol Rapide has been developed with fast drying and all the other usual benefits such as the ability to self-compact, offering a free-flowing and self-smoothing screed.

Gypsol Rapide hence offers a great liquid screed solution for people who do not like to wait for their screed to dry. Gypsol Rapide can dry in around 2 weeks (depending site conditions).

Laitance removal is not required, which saves the cost of grinding the surface of calcium sulphate screeds to ready them to receive floor coverings.


The raw materials used by Gypsol are, environment-friendly and sustainable. This makes Gypsol Rapide not just fast and effective, but also a way to protect the environment.

Gypsol anhydrite screed binder is developed through recycled materials. The materials utilized in the Gypsol binder are carefully selected and sourced to ensure that not a single raw material comes from sources that are harmful to the environment.

Gypsol Rapide is more than just an environmentally friendly screed product. It’s performance far exceeds what you can find with a regular screed solution. The screed can be laid very easily by trained experts. Moreover, the two week drying time is something that you will not find fulfilled by most other screed solutions on the market. It’s a great product from all aspects, with its help in reducing the use of non-renewable resources acting as an additional testament to its uniqueness.

Hence, if you’re looking for a regular screed product that offers you immense benefits on top of additional features, then Gypsol Rapide is just for you. It is widely available in the market and you can find it easily.

I hope this helps with your “Gypsol Rapide” questions, if you would like any further help please get in touch.

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Gypsol Rapide

Gypsol Rapide