Gyvlon Screed

Why Use Gyvlon Screed On Your Project?

Gyvlon Screed is one of our liquid screed ranges.  The full portfolio offers a variety of options with variables as follows:

  • Minimum screed thickness 12mm for Excelio to 20mm for Eco
  • Nominal thickness above heating pipes 20mm with Thermio+ to 30mm for Eco
  • Strength compressive strength C35 & flexural F7 for XTR to C25 & F4 for Eco

Benefits Of Gyvlon Screed

  • Eco-friendly solution (recycled calcium sulphate binder).
  • Offering a lower carbon footprint
  • Excellent thermal conductivity which makes it ideal for underflow heating.
  • Means greater productivity with areas of up to 1500 metres square laid per day.
  • Light foot traffic after only 24 to 48 hours.
  • Low shrinkage means less risk of cracking and it will not curl like traditional screed.

Gyvlon Screed Acoustic Performance

When noise reduction is a concern the screed is a perfect partner for resilient or acoustic insulation due to its density.  Reducing the transmission of airborne sound or shock wave.  Coupled with the Soundbar system for timber frame, your acoustics are covered.

Gyvlon screed is a liquid screed that is pumped into place using our specialist equipment. This means very little waste and with no fuss.

Talk to us today about the benefits of using Gyvlon Screed on your project.

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gyvlon screed

gyvlon screed