Liquid Screed Pump?

Liquid Screed Pump

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi Award-Winning Speed Screed. I would to talk about a liquid screed pump.

Looking To Hire A Liquid Screed Pump?

Maybe you are looking to hire a pump, or perhaps heard the expression liquid screed pump.  I would just like talk a little bit about what a liquid screed pump does.

It may sound quite obvious that it is going to pump screed into place, lets look at the various elements that make up screed pump performance.

How Far Can It Pump?

Just how far can it pump? A distance of up to 200 metres is typical for a well maintain liquid screed pump.  That is from the point of discharge, where the truck mixer arrives and discharges into the pump and then it is pumped into place. From the pump into the building to where the screed needs to be laid.

200 metres should give you plenty of flexibility. In the past we had projects that have been “piggy backed” using more than one pump. This would be quite extreme and you are not going to experience many projects like that, but there is flexibility beyond the 200 meters.

What Type Of Screed Can You Pump?

There are restrictions, the system is a screw feed, often termed as “worm fed”.  The screwing action feeds the screed through the pipes.  The screed needs to be a liquid material, however it does not matter whether it is a cement-based product or a calcium sulphate product. Microfibers can be added to the mix if required. The grain size must not be more than 12 mm, and for flowing products you should not encounter anything of that size.


You may get some contamination in the truck mixers, however the screed pumps have a mesh to catch any material that is larger than allowed, or screed that has not been mixed thoroughly and congealed should be caught.

Render can be mixed and sprayed in a liquid screed pump, if fitted with a mixer.

How Fast Can It Pump?

A typical machine can pump around 20m3 in an hour. That is 20m3 of not just pumping, you would be actually placing at the same time as pumping. This gives you an idea of how quickly liquid screed can be laid.

For example, a delivery of 6m3, which is a typical full delivery on an 8m3 truck mixer. 8m3 capacity ready mix truck mixer will generally hold 6m3, this is due to the fluidity of the product.  The truck mixer drum is at an angle, and if filled to capacity the moment the truck goes up a hill then the material comes out of the back.

If laying at a typical depth of 50mm with a single 6m3 load, you would be able to lay 120m2 of screed, in around 20 minutes. The screed would require some finishing to the surface.

Once the preparation has been completed, and the pour starts the process is very quick.

You can stop pumping at any point. The pumps come with a remote control, which gives flexibility. You can see exactly the amount of screed you need and stop at that moment. It is not a case of running back to the machine or shouting to somebody who is monitoring the machine and tell them to stop.

Using the remote control means that you have total flexibility and control of materials at all times.


The speed of pumping and discharge, means that you can lay between 1,500 – 2,000 m2 in a single day.  This would also be dependent on, the layout of the building, if the rooms are small, can the local ready mix company service the project.  The productivity is immense when you are using the liquid screed in combination with the screed pump.

The product and process is very clean. Everything is contained within the pump, it is controlled at the discharge end.

Good practise would always be to put a membrane under the liquid screed pump just in case there is any over-spill.

The process is very clean so it lends itself to projects where you don’t have lots of storage, where you want to just turn up and pour very quickly, ideal for a city centre location.  Pumping the screed straight into project.  No blocking of the road, impairing access of the local residents.

The liquid screed pump provides so much flexibility where traditional products may struggle, due to requiring large areas of ground storage.

If you have any questions about the use of a liquid screed pump please contact us, we love to help!

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liquid screed pump

liquid screed pump