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Lytag Screed – Lightweight Option

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about Lytag Screed.

Lytag screeds for floor and roofs are known to provide a variety of benefits. It encompasses substantial savings in cost and weight as well as improved sound and thermal insulation. Be it schools, hospitals or commercial buildings, all have benefited from the advantages of this lightweight screed.

Lytag lessens the weight by around 50% than anhydrite screeds and sand cement.

Here are a few features of Lytag Screed:

  • Insulating: Leads to substantial improvement in insulation capabilities. The partial replacement of the sand cement with Lytag screed no-fines could result in bringing down the thermal conductivity of that section by 70-80%.
  • Quick Dry: Betters the curing and drying process of the screed as the air conveniently passes through the no-fines base coat along with the thinner topcoats.
  • Lessens Airborne Sound: Usage in the screed system providesh cavities within the system that gives improved sound insulation properties for the given mass/unit area values.
  • Base Coat of Low Shrinkage: Using the lightweight screed in the base coat creates a material with 0.04% shrinkage.
  • No Limitation for Upper Depth: With Lytag Screed in the screeding system, greater depths of base coats can be achieved for easy formation of levels or falls. Large bays could be cast in one operation owing to low shrinkage.

Benefits of Lytag Screed

  • Reduces Weight by 50%

When you use Lytag Screed in construction, it lessens the weight by approximately 50% than typical anhydrite and sand cement screeds. This is a great advantage for new structures or newly renovated buildings. The lesser the weight, the greater the design flexibility!

  • Quicker Dry Time:

It dries three times faster than cement, sand, and anhydrite screeds. This gives you three key benefits. Apart from hastening the construction process, you can use the floors much earlier and handover the project to the clients sooner.

  • Hydro-dynamically Stable:

Lytag screed is hydro-dynamically stable because it is cementitious. It can be effectively used in outside locations and most of the building applications.

  • Boosts Insulation Capabilities:

With Lytag screed, you can greatly enhance the overall insulation capabilities. Replacing sands, cement, and anhydrite screeds with Lytag Screed lead to a reduction in the thermal conductivity of the said section by 80%. You also get to save the cost of additional insulation and meet Part L of Building Regulation.

  • Increase Sound Insulation:

Compared to sand and cement screeds, Lytag screed creates a void that increases the sound insulation properties to the extent of 6dB.

This assists in meeting Part E of Building Regulations. Along with that, the buildings are quieter as fewer sounds transfer through floors on the hospitals, homes, offices, schools, and theatres.

  • Reduces Programme:

Lytag helps in creating a material that helps with the reduction in the programme due to the quick drying time. The drying time is 10mm per day which is ten times quicker than traditional screeds. This leads to cost and time savings.

I hope this helps with your “Lytag Screed” questions, if you would like any further help please get in touch.

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Lytag Screed

Lytag Screed