Self Leveling Screed Coverage 

Self Leveling Screed Coverage

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about self leveling screed coverage.

What Is Self Leveling Screed Coverage

Firstly, I have to say that whilst the term “self leveling” is used extensively in the industry, I don’t believe that there is such a product.  Yes, self-smoothing, but not self leveling.  These products generally have excellent placement qualities but pour the screed into one area and expect it to run and self-level, then you will have problems.

We can split self leveling products into two general categories for ease:

A question often asked about self leveling screed coverage is “I’ve only got 10mm, or only20mm, is that OK for a self leveling screed?” Just what screed coverage do you need?

The self leveling screed coverage is driven by the type of substrate and the screed product.


The screed is bonded directly to the substrate, normally using a bonding agent or primer.


Usually unbonded screeds are laid directly onto membranes, however a screed laid directly onto a substrate could be classed as unbonded if no bonding agent is used.  Even without a bonding agent the screed may still bond itself, and so this method is classed as semi bonded.


Screed is laid directly onto acoustic or thermal insulation.  There could also be a membrane between the screed and the insulation.

Below is a selection of screeds and the screed coverage required.

Liquid Screed (Calcium Sulphate)

  • Bonded 15mm (Gypsol TS15)
  • Unbonded 15mm (Gypsol TS15)
  • Floating 35mm Domestic & 40mm Commercial
  • 20/25mm coverage over underfloor Over Underflooring Heating depending on product

Liquid Screed (Fast Drying Cementitious Belitex)

  • Unbonded 35mm
  • Floating 35mm Domestic & 40mm Commercial
  • 30mm coverage over underfloor Over Underflooring Heating

Smoothing Compounds

  • Bonded 1-10mm dependant on product

I hope this helps with your “Self Levelling Screed Coverage” questions, if you would like any further help please get in touch. We love to help!

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Self Levelling Screed

Self Levelling Screed