Tarmac Topflow Screed A SP – Skin Free

Topflow Screed A-SP – Skin Free Technology

SP skin free technology has been designed to reduce significantly the need for initial sanding of Tarmac Topflow Screed A and its sister products.

Calcium Sulphate screed has always been associated with the need to remove the surface laitance before bonding floor coverings. Now Tarmac have a solution!


SP has been formulated to give an open-textured, skin-free finish, which is ideal for floor finishes and does not impede drying efficiency.

SP can be added to many of the products in the Tarmac Topflow screed range to give a skin free finish without affecting the characteristics of the mix.


  • Self-compacting
  • Minimum SR2 surface finish
  • Guaranteed compaction & quality
  • Environmentally friendly (Save up to 20Kge/CO2 per m2)
  • High fluidity for fast, cost-effective installation
  • Large bay sizes reduce the need for joints (Maximum bay size 1000m2; UFH 300m2)
  • No reinforcement with significantly reduced cracking and no curling
  • No need for a curing membrane

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