Total Construction Limited is a construction company based in Kings Road, London. They provide services from new builds, refurbishments, renovations, design and more. It is always a pleasure working with their company because of their professionalism and dedication to quality. The company stands true to their byline: Building Quality Through Experience.  Providing London screed can certainly be a challenge at times, and this project was certainly a test of both companies resourcefulness.

London Screed

Screed in London, London screed, Screeding LondonThe most recent project we had a pleasure of working with them on is a renovation project in the popular Kings Road area of London. A section of the project included screeding to the roof. This process required a hoist system to get the materials to the roof for us to mix and lay. Of course, working with Total to make sure that we followed all health and safety requirements to ensure zero accidents.

This screeding London project required us to use a fast drying mineral binder called Keracem Eco, manufactured by Kerakoll. Keracem Eco is eco-friendly, has a normal setting and is rapid drying. It is heat-radiant and is recyclable as an inert material.

The screed on the roof area of  project required a small light Baron mixer, a forced action mixer that has a large but quiet motor with high quality gears.

Screed in London, London screed, Screeding LondonThere were other areas we had to complete in the main building which was a traditional 1:4 mix for this London screed.

We faced a lot of challenges onsite because of the location. The Kings Road in London is a very busy area and we had to work directly on the road. The only time we are allowed to work was between 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

All the materials that we used as well as the mixing for the main part of the project had to be done on the road. During this time, the area was sectioned off, but is then had to be returned to “normal” in the afternoon. We were  required to clean and remove all the materials we used each afternoon.

Just like Total Construction Limited, we follow strict quality guidelines and ensure the safety of our employees, the public and the materials and tools we use onsite.

Screed in London, London screed, Screeding London


London Screeding