Screed Floor Construction For MP Building Limited, Hitchin, UK

The project required the use of traditional screed for a screed floor construction. Laid on the previously prepared substrate with insulation.

screed hitchin

MP Building is a Hertfordshire based building contractor. Specializing in traditional and commercial construction.  Designing and refurbishment contracts.  Expert in working with green technologies.

MP Building is a great team to work with any construction project.


The Scenario

This domestic project required a no-nonsense traditional sand and cement screed, laid onto the insulation.

Solution: The traditional screed was reinforced with polypropylene fibres to help minimise the surface cracking and increase surface strength characteristics.


Screed Floor Construction Project

Traditional sand and cement screed is suitable for all conventional applications.   Used in different applications such as monolithic, bonded, unbounded, and floating systems.

Traditional Fibre Screed M760 Putmeister Screed Pump Screed Floor Construction

Traditional Fibre Screed M760 Putmeister Screed Pump

Traditional screeds, also known as sand and cement screed, fibre screed, 1-4 screed, and many other names.  The screed is easy to compact and mould, making it the ideal solution for falls, wet rooms and changing rooms.


Here are some of the factory screed suppliers and products.

Tarmac –TruscreedTufscreed F, Cemscreed 5, SBR Polymer.

Cemex – Readyscreed Original, Readyscreed Early Strength, Readyscreed Reinforced

Aggregate Industries – Screed S, F Screed, ES Screed, EF Screed, SBR Screed, Rapidscreed

Premier Mortars – Standard Screed, Premier Screed, Fibre Screed, Polymer Screed, Advance 5 Rapid Drying Screed.

Traditional sand and cement screed: