Traditional Screed Floor Construction For Community Hall, Lincolnshire

We had the pleasure working with Grod Lincs Ltd laying a traditional screed floor construction. Grod Lincs Limited is a fairly new company, who do a varity of  building work including underfloor heating systems.  They needed good quality screeders in Boston to lay sand and cement for a traditional screed floor construction. Fortunately, they have the Speed Screed team who can do the job to meet their clients expectations.


traditional screed floor constructionTraditional Screed Floor Construction in Boston

Stickney Village Hall, Main Street, Mareham Le Fen, Boston, Lincolnshire.

The project had previously prepared insulation with underfloor heating ready to lay the tradition floor screed

Stickney community hall needed a level screed, onto a water underfloor heating system.

Traditional screed floor is ideal for most building projects, a quality flooring option for your underfloor heating system to keep your feet warm.


Traditional Screed at Work

Traditional screed is a simple 1-4 Fibre Screed in this case, suitable for commercial properties.

The screed contained Adfil Fibrin 660F which are construction fibres to minimize shrinkage and cracks. It is always recommend to use a fibre-reinforced screed to minimise the possibility of cracking.

To mix the screed a  Putzmeister M760 screed pump was used to ensure a perfectly mixed product.

Screeding sand was supplied by Breedon and Cement by Quinn.


Speed Screed work with the UK top screed suppliers

Creating value today is not only about offering affordable services but about providing a quality experience. At Speed Screed, we only use a the best products to give an outstanding finish everytime.

Typical Screed Suppliers:

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Cemex – Readyscreed Original, Readyscreed Early Strength, Readyscreed Reinforced

Aggregate Industries – Screed S, F Screed, ES Screed, EF Screed, SBR Screed, Rapidscreed

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