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Yorkshire Wildlife Park is one of the UK’s top attractions, and certainly the No. 1 walk through animal park.  If this wasn’t already enough, the team are adding a further 150 acres!  New lakes, reserves, and of course even more diverse animals! Doncaster screed contractor Speed Screed was an ideal choice to call.

To support this massive growth a new visitors centre, with shops, restaurants, and events venue (hotel to follow!) is currently being built.  As part of the new build YWP needed a Doncaster screeding company, for around 220m2 of infill screed works.

Speed Screed were invited to view the required works, and Managing Director Andy Parkin took this not to be missed chance to see behind the scenes on his children’s favourite venue.


Screed Contractors Doncaster

With Speed Screed being based in Retford the project is really on our doorstep, securing such a prestigious contract would be fantastic.

Isocrete Self Level Plus

The specification on the project required is Isocrete Self Level Plus.

The screed would be  mixed using a hand paddle or pump.  Supplied in 25 kg bags, around 4.5 litres of water is added to product to produce a flowing screed.

  • Light foot traffic – 2-8 hours
  • Lay Ceramics – after 1-3 days (dependant on thickness and ambient conditions)
  • Lay resilient and woods – 1-3 days (dependant on thickness and ambient conditions)

Considerations before laying the screed:

  • Is the substrate dry?  If not a liquid dpm would be required.
  • Is the substrate clean and free from contaminants?
  • Will the screed be protected from wind/sunlight and cold/heat?


  1. 25 kg bags added into pump or mixing container
  2. 4.5 to 4.8 litres of water added
  3. Mix thoroughly
  4. Check flow rate is between 220 -240 mm
  5. Application temperature 5 to 25 degrees Celsius
  6. Screed pumped into place.
  7. Pre-lasered tripod level set (27mm depth assumed).
  8. Dapple finish to screed.

The screed should be protected from draughts and strong sunlight for 6 hours after the screed has been laid.

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park