Floor Screed Drying Times Before Tiling?

Floor Screed Drying Time Before Tiling? Don’t Lay Until It Is Dry.

I’m Andy Parkin, Managing Director of the Multi-Award Winning Speed Screed. I’m here to talk about “floor screed drying time before tiling”.

We know just how hard it is to wait for the screed to dry so that you can lay your floor tiles.  With today’s technology, you don’t have to wait, drying time can be controlled to suit your program.

Typical Floor Screed Drying Time

The range of floor screed drying times before tiling is quite wide, and here are examples based on 75mm think application.

Moisture Testing

The method for moisture test will depend on the screed type, however, the used methods are:

Before laying any tiles, a moisture test needs to be carried out, as this is the only way to be sure that the screed is dry enough to receive the tiles.

Drying times may be extended due to reintroduction of moisture to the screed, plasterers working on the screed wetting the surface, ingress of moisture through the building if not weather tight, foot traffic with wet feet, and so on.

Screed will only start to dry once it stops getting wet.

Factors that Affect the Floor Drying Time Before Tiling

It’s not just the type of screed itself that defines how long it will take to try. External factors, much like anything else, also affect screed drying time.

The two most common environmental factors affecting floor screed drying time before tiling are temperature and humidity.

The temperature of the environment has a strong effect on the time it takes for the screed to try. The higher the temperature, the quicker the drying time.

Similarly, a high level of humidity will mean that the screed has a constant source of moisture that slows down the drying process, and increases the floor screed drying time before tiling.

The estimated drying times provided by the screed manufacturers are normally based on a temperature of 20 degrees, and humidity of 60%.  Anything outside of those parameters will affect the drying time.

Never rely on the estimated drying times, they are only a guide based on lab conditions, always, always test for moisture.

Failing to test the moisture content of the screed, means that is a possibility the tiles will delaminate.

Hence, the drying time for the screed is dependent on the environment you provide. The more you control the variables surrounding the screed, the less time it takes.

Therefore, the time you have to wait depends a lot on what you give to screed, not only the material itself.

I hope this helps with your “floor screed drying time before tiling” questions.  Do get in touch for more information.

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Floor Screed Drying Times

Floor Screed Drying Times