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Screed Drying Times – What Are They?

I’m Andy Parkin Managing Director of the Multi Award Winning Speed Screed.  I’m here today to talk about Screed Drying Times.

When we talk about drying times, we are refereeing to the time in between laying the screed and when the floor coverings can be laid.  Not the period when the screed can be first trafficked.

The generally accepted measurement of a screed readiness to accept floor coverings is 75% relative humidity.

You should always check with the adhesive and floor covering manufacturer to confirm what level of moisture is acceptable.

Depending on the screed type the main methods of testing are as follows:

The only way to be certain if a screed is dry enough lay floor coverings on is to test it.

Manufactures guidelines are just that, and can’t take into account any moisture present when laying, or introduced after laying.

The temperature and humidity will affect drying times (manufactures normally base the drying times on 60% relative humidity, and 20 degrees, anything different to this will change the drying times).

So Always Test!

Manufactures Guidelines

Liquid Screed (calcium sulphate)

  • 1-40mm 1mm per day
  • 40mm plus 1mm per 2 days
  • 75mm screed drying time would be 110 days

Liquid Screed (Fast Drying Cementitious Belitex)

  • 14-21 days
  • 75mm drying time would be 21 days

Traditional Sand and Cement (1:3 & 1:4 mixes)

  • 1-50mm 1mm per day
  • 50mm plus The British Standard states “one day should be allowed for each millimetre of thickness for the first 50mm, followed by an increasing time for each millimetre above this thickness.
  • 75mm screed drying time would be 75-100 days

Hydraulic Binder Fast Drying Screeds

  • 1 day for ceramics
  • 5 days for resilient
  • 75mm drying time would be 1-5 days

Mapescreed 704

  • 7 days for ceramics
  • 14 days for resilient
  • 75mm screed drying time would be 7-14 days

Retanol Xtreme

  • 2 days for ceramics
  • 3 days for resilient
  • 75mm drying time would be 2-3 days

I hope this has been helpful with your Screed Drying Times, if you have any questions please get in touch.

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Screed Drying Times

Screed Drying Times