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Screeding contractors in Sheffield were needed for a previously prepared substrate with Insulation, a residential project in Mosborough.


Client Profile

This is a direct project of Speed Screed for a residential client,  a required fast drying screed needs to be laid on a previously prepared substrate on insulation. Ensuring that their engineered wood and tile can be laid quickly. Thus, they were looking for a screeding company in Sheffield for the said job.


Screeding Contractors In Sheffield

screeding contractors Sheffield

Owlthorpe Grove, Mosborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

In this project, it was decided that Keracem Eco would be ideal. It has a normal setting but rapid drying use as the mineral binder. Designed for high-performance screeds and heat-radiant slabs.

A compressive strength just after the needed time, this is promised and delivered by Speed Screed team. A certified Sheffield screeding company.



To deliver the screed quickly, to a high standard, ensuring that the screed is ready to accept floor coverings after 24 hours (ceramics).

Taking care of the post-installation stages and avoiding cracking of the screed, small or large – neither should be ignored. Which often comes with poor design and curing techniques when you hire unprofessional screeders.



For this project, we use Putzmeister M760 with skip and scraper in mixing the screed. The skip and scraper reduce labour effort while mixing.

While the Keracem Eco was site batched. Half of the sand is then placed in the vessel followed by water and Adfil Fibrin 660F. Adfil Fibrin 660F is a construction fibre used to make sure there are minimal to no plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking in the screed. The second half of the sand is then added before mixing.

The screed is then pumped to the location where it is required. After which, the installers lay the screed in the provided datums.



Screed quickly laid, dry and ready to accept floor coverings in less than their allocated deadline.