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Gelder Group Limited required screeding services on their new housing development in Groby Leicester.

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council awarded Gelder the contract to build nine, one and two-bedroom bungalows.  The properties would be made available to the elderly as part of the Councils’s Social Housing Stock.

9 plots of at around 60m2 each and at a depth of 75mm

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Gelder Group Limited


Gelder Group

Gelder Group

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The company was established in 1988 and currently has three divisions.

Major Contracts – Large-scale construction projects.  Delivered with efficiency & professionalism

Facilities Maintenance & Building – When continuity of service is paramount

Insurance, Repair & Renovation – When disaster strikes

Speed Screed has been fortunate to provide screeding services to Gelder Group for a number of years, and we would class them our “construction friends”


 screeding services


Martinshaw Lane, Groby, Leicester, LE6 0BJ




Screeding Services

The specified screed for the project was a traditional 1:4 Fibre Screed.  The big challenge was the time of year and the program for the screed.

The program for the screed was in the middle of December, with freezing conditions.   When site mixing screed the temperature needs to be at least 5 degrees, and overnight conditions maintained at least the same temperature.    Normally we would have been screeding in a building that was the weather, which can be challenging enough in the middle of winter, however, at the time of the screed there was no wall or roof.




Due to time constants, the screed had to go in, and so working around the conditions.  Once laid, Gelder protected the screed from the elements and working together the project was completed on time.

Quinn Cement was supplied by Tekfloor Limited.

Screeding sand was supplied by Tarmac.


The product was mixed and pumped into place using our state of the art Putzmeister M760 DHBS