Flow Screed Floors

Speed Screed install a wide range of flow screed floors.

Calcium sulphate screed accounts for around 80% of the total market of flow screed floors.

Speed Screed are approved installers for all the major UK suppliers

Often described as flow screed, liquid screed, flowing screed or pump screed.   Calcium sulphate flowing screeds have a number of benefits:

  • Nearly twice as thermally conductive as traditional screed (ideal for underfloor heating)
  • Up to 2000m2 per day productivity
  • Foot traffic within 24 to 48 hours
  • Joints at 30-40 linear meters
  • Very low shirnkage
  • Minimal cracking
  • Will not curl
  • No reinforcement required
  • Eco friendly calcium sulphate binder

Watch our video to find out more about Flow Screed Floors (short version)

Delivered in ready mix truck mixers, once batched at the plant.  When on site the screed is discharged into the hopper of a screed pump,  and pumped into the building exactly to the point where it is needed.  With no fuss and no mess

If you would like to know more about Flow Screed  this video goes into more depth, and tells you all you need to know (10 minute version)

Would you like to know what the minimum depths are for Flow Screed Floors?  You will be surprised at the depths you are able to go down to with this product.

  What is the price of Flow Screed?   Need to budget?  Watch our video to find out more.

Flowing cementitious screed tend to be used on thin section overlays for which the use of polymer modified screeds are the norm.

However we are now able to also supply fast drying low shrinkage options from the following suppliers;