Winchcombe Farm Day Nursery is a privately owned day nursery who has provided up to 80 nursery places for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. They also run a school holiday club for children in school holidays. They provide a safe home-from-home environment for children. This is an underfloor heating screed commercial project that we worked on recently.

underfloor heating screedFloor Screed For Underfloor Heating in Banbury

This project already had a prepared insulation and underfloor heating when we laid the screed. We made sure to use fast drying screed to reduce program time and allow floor coverings to be laid quickly.

We used Keracem Eco in this project, so any light foot traffic can be allowed only after 8 hours after laying the screed. The underfloor heating was allowed to be turned after only 3 days, isn’t it amazing?

And because of the fast drying screed, this Branbury floor screed project is able to lay ceramics only after 24 hours, what a convenience for a fast curing underfloor heating screed system in reducing the drying time.


As the leading screeding contractors in Banbury, We mixed the screed using Putzmeister M760 with skip and scraper, which is the big help to reduce labour effort when mixing the screed. The Keracem Eco was a rapid drying mineral binder in this screeding commercial project in Banbury.

Half of the one-tonne bulk sandbags delivered by Jewson’s is placed in the vessel followed by Keracem Eco, water and construction fibres. In this case, we used Adfil Fibrin 660F. Plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking was reduced by this fibre. The other half of the screed is then added to the vessel. After which, the mixing begins.

For convenience, the screed is pumped to the exact location where it is required, and then the installers lay the screed to provided datums.