Fast Drying Floor Screed Service with TPJ Building Limited, Welwyn

One recent project we worked on was a fast drying floor screed service contract. It required a fast drying screed to laid into a previously prepared underfloor heating and insulation. In this project, we worked with TPJ Building Ltd., who is a reputable building company near Ware Hertfordshire. The company offers affordable building services including home extensions, internal alterations, garage conversions, outbuildings and many more.

This screeding project required the use of Mapescreed 704 and was looking for a floor screeding contractor in Welwyn.

fast drying floor screed serviceBest Screed for Underfloor Heating in Welwyn

As discussed in the contract for a fast drying floor screed service, We used a Mapescreed 704, which is a fast drying screed that has many benefits to the contractor and homeowner. After only 7 days after installation, ceramics can be laid. Resilient and woods after only 14 days and turn underfloor heating only after 15 days. Meanwhile, there could be light foot traffic after 12-24 hours and high mechanical strength after only 7 days.

In this project, the watery solution of acrylic polymers from the Mapescreed 704 being mixed using a Putzmeister M760, a skip and scraper working together to reduce labour effort in mixing the screed is one of the noticeable efficiency in developing a fast drying screed system to provide a better insulation for your customer money value.

So, How Does The Fast Drying Floor Screed Service Was Done?

Half the sand is placed in the vessel when mixing. This is then followed by the cement and Mapescreed 704; water and construction fibres like Adfil Fibrin 660F then follows. Fibres are used to significantly reduce the occurrence of plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement in the screed. After which, the other half of the sand is added to the vessel before the mixing begins.

The screed is pumped to the exact location where it is required for convenience and then laid by installers to the provided datums.

Do you know someone who is looking for an affordable fast drying floor screed service?